MATRONAE - Avignon Falanghina IGP - 75cl bottle

MATRONAE - Avignon Falanghina IGP - 75cl bottle

Falanghina is one of southern Italy's great indigenous whites, and this example hits all the right notes, with citrus, fruit salad and peach kernel notes. Unoaked, but has good weight from three month's lees ageing. Try it with buffalo mozzarella, another of the region's famous exports. 

Falanghina can have a slight pine scent, but is better known for its citrus-blossom aromas, in particular bitter orange. On the palate it typically shows classic apple and pear flavors, depending on where it is grown, with spicy or mineral notes.

Though it is increasingly fashionable, Falanghina isn't yet planted much outside Campania. There is a little in Puglia and Abruzzo, but as yet no international production. Falanghina is often blended with other indigenous Italian varieties, or produced as a sweet passito wine, but varietal expressions of this interesting grape are becoming more popular.

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