Bottega Gold Prosecco

Bottega Gold Prosecco

Bottega Gold is a premium quality multi award-winning Prosecco, that has been described as the Glamourous Sparkling and is characterized by the distinctive metallic coated gold bottle, which makes it ideal for any purchase occasion.

The unique bottles are lovingly hand finished by a team of experts to create that extra special look and provides the clue as to what is inside. Because it¿s not all about the bottle ! The Glera grapes used to produce Bottega Gold come from Veneto, in the heart of the premium Prosecco area. Only the best grapes are selected, handpicked and then used to make the best quality Prosecco that you are ever likely to taste. 

The no 1. Prosecco in travel retailers and the top selling Prosecco on board almost all major world airlines, millions of people are enjoying life and enjoying Bottega Gold!

Wine of Italy

Tasting Notes
Typical and refined with fruity (green apples, pear, citrus fruits) and floral (white flowers, acacia) notes, sage and spices in the finish. Soft, harmonious and elegant, with a slim body and with lively yet balanced acidity.
Bottega are a family owned business who began as grappa distillers in 1977 and started exporting their premium grappa in blown glass bottles in the 1980's.
They began producing Prosecco in 1992 and their sparkling winery is on the same site as their distillery, in the heart of the premium Prosecco region near Conegliano. Since then Bottega have purchased two still wineries, one in Valpolicella and a second in Tuscany, producing a full complement of premium regional and international wines.

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