Agricola Bellaria always try to establish exactly the best time of harvest to get the right balance between acidity and alcohol wine. 

The winemaking process begins by identifying a production area on which Agricola Bellaria realizes a reduction in production from 150 quintals to 80 quintals per hectare.

A specific choice made by the company to ensure only the highest quality wine. The area identified is to Prato di Principato Ultra, a town in the province of Avellino, and one of eight town in the region Campania authorized for the production of Greco di tufo. A very little and known zone, that is part of a project for the integrated pest management promoted their region. A real commitment to prevent pollution of aquifers in certain areas.

Agricola Bellaria, maintains the natural balance of the area, adhering to the project using the minimum products fungicides and avoiding making weeding. The grapes are harvested by hand with only a gentle pressure to preserve the integrity of each grain of grape.

The wine is transferred in an automatic press that exerts little pressure to maintain the characteristics of the grapes. The product is then pushed into a stainless steel tank in which is performed the separation of the must from the solid substances to obtain a clean fermentation, without any hitch next. They are then added yeasts high quality, varietal or yeast working on the organoleptic characteristics of the grapes, increasing them and enhancing them, without altering them. The fermentation temperature is always controlled and Agricola Bellaria has chosen to maintain very low, between 12-13 °, the temperature limit for the survival of yeasts. It is a specific choice made to ensure the maintenance of all the aromatic substances. Conversely, if the temperature was higher, the aromatic substances would be dispersed in the air without allowing the wine to retain them. At the conclusion of the fermentation, the wine is transferred into five different tanks in each of which is used a different yeast. In each tank the wine develops its own characteristics and details: notes of ripe fruit in the fruit, toasted notes of pear Williams in the melon. When combined wines of the five tanks in a blend is achieved a unique blend characterized by a unique aromatic bouquet that enhances even more the addition. It is this particular, accurate and unique process deployed by Agricola Bellaria to enable the production of a wine unique and special. Agricola Bellaria chose also to block all fermentation in a small residual sugar. This means that not all the alcohol can be developed, but it is preserved a piece of sugar to offset the bitter notes of the Greco di Tufo. At this point, the wine is transferred a first time to separate it from the dregs, or from the residues of yeast fermentation deposited. For about a month, then it logs the batonnages, with the suspension of the lees once a week. This practice contributes to the maintenance of the particular characteristics of the “Oltre” to make appreciate its taste on the palate. To complete the entire process, involved the steps of fining protein and tartaric stabilization in which the wine is kept below 0 ° to ensure that the turbidities are retained and do not reach the final stage of bottling. Finally, the wine is put into bottles with addition sterile filtration at 45 Micron. This means that there is no bacteria that can attack the wine smallest of 45,000 shares of a millimeter and is the guarantee of a wine absolutely sterile. The Greco di Tufo 

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