GRECO DI TUFO DOCG Lapilli was established as a family business in 1996 in the extreme southwest of the province of Avellino and has been meticulously managed by its dedicated team ever since. INSPIRATION In a region with a high wine-growing vocation, Lapilli aims to make these premium wines a little more accessible without sacrificing quality. 

COSUMER SEGMENT Lovers of contemporary classics, dynamic people who stand out for their elegance even at the table. 

BRAND Lapilli is a technical term that identifies tephra, i.e. fragments of rock expelled during a volcanic eruption, measuring between 2 and 64 mm. 

Lapilli (singular: lapillo) in Latin means "small rocks". DESIGN Very elegant in its simplicity: a reference to the vine, a nod to the historicity of the grape variety and a little known fact about the wine. 

WINE STYLE A range of seductive and elegant wines with an excellent qualityprice ratio and characteristic aromas, flavors that immediately evoke the native grape varieties from which they are made; reliable and clean complexity and consistency. 

CAMPANIA REGION Clearly influenced by the presence of the sea, the climate is quintessentially Mediterranean, with very high temperatures in the summer, made more bearable by the mitigating effect of the sea and the orography of the region

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