Mutti Passata Tomato Sauce 12 x 400g - glass

Mutti Passata Tomato Sauce 12 x 400g - glass

Mutti sieved tomatoes Passata has a smooth, velvety and luxurious texture, a bright red colour and an intense but sweet taste. It does not contain seeds nor tomatoes skin. 

Only the best tomatoes will do for Mutti products.

The100% sun ripened Italian tomatoes are harvested at the right stage and are processed with the most advanced technology to guarantee the best hygienic standards and quality by cutting the production time to a minimum and processing them with gentle and even heat to preserve their nutrients and natural goodness.

A touch of mediterranean sea salt enhances the unique flavour of this sauce.  

Passata Mutti is suitable for short cooking times or can be eaten cold. It withstands heat well therefore it can also be used for the preparation of meal which require a slow cooking. 


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