BIGI ORVIETO Classico Amabile DOC

BIGI ORVIETO Classico Amabile DOC

The first seat of the Casa Vinicola Bigi was the former monastery of "La Trinità" in Orvieto, an ancient Franciscan convent forfeited by the Italian State in 1870. To meet the need to produce at its best, in 1972 Bigi moved to the modern winery in Ponte Giulio, not far from the ancient city of Orvieto. 

The vineyards of the property (248 Ha) are located in the "classic" area, the oldest, of the ORVIETO DOC, 55% white grape vineyards, are located on hilly terrain of varying altitude between 150 - 450 meters, tending to be clayey.

 Inspired by the potential of its territory, over the years Bigi has achieved truly enviable results and not only with Orvieto Classico. Thanks to the capable work of its oenologists and thanks to the wide availability of vineyards, it has diversified its range, in addition to the classic whites such as Orvieto Classico, Grechetto and Est! East!! East!!!, with reds of great interest, products based on Sangiovese grapes from Umbria, in purity or together with the other vines. 

Vineyards have been cultivated in Umbria, “the green heart of Italy” and a crossroads between the north and the south, between the Adriatic and Tyrrhenian Seas, since Etruscan times. When we speak of Orvieto, we think of a beautiful walled city built on a tuffstone mound by the Etruscans, and known in the Roman era as Urbs Vetus (old city) - but also of the prized white Umbrian wine of which Bigi has been a leading producer for many years

Light and fruity with a touch of sweetness, works well with chicken, fish and salads.

Orvieto Amabile are richer than the dry Secco wines and could be described as medium-dry. Don't let this put you off as this is an ideal bar wine, gentle and soft on the palate with subtle peach and almond fruit and enough freshness to carry that enticing sweet edge. 

Made from a combination of Trebbiano Toscano (Procanico), Verdello, Grechetto, Malvasia and Drupeggio grapes.

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